About Doug

Doug Ponzio has been Making Damascus Steel in his signature style for well over 20 years.  He does not just make Damascus steel, he makes amazing Mosaic Damascus steel also known as Pattern Damascus Steel.  Doug is an early riser and in his shop every day, creating one of a kind works of amazing art.

Doug Ponzio Mosaic pattern welded Steel is mostly sought after for knife making.   Knife makers from all over the globe use his steel to make their knives.  Quite simply because he can produce it with exceptional quality and unique patterns.

After years of perfecting his craft he has developed his own unique, and amazing way of creating very strong, durable, and beautiful steels that have been sold and are sought after all over the world. He has created many specialty tools and techniques to keep up to date in his craft.

DougPonzio.com is Back!

Again, if you are interested in what he makes and would like to purchase steel from him, or just have a few questions, You are able to be in direct contact with Doug Ponzio through the contact form on the Contact Doug Page.  He will get back to you as soon as he can.

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